UD at Home

“My children have really enjoyed the in-class presentations from UD so this website will be a great way for us to keep learning and talking about topics at home.” -Heather Lee, Parent


 Welcome to UD at Home. This space is for students and families to have fun learning together, and to help bridge conversations that take place in UD classes about compassion and respect with those you have at home. Have fun! 

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Why Sea Stars?

We chose sea stars to represent the UD message that we are all the same inside for two reasons. 1) Children know that a sea star remakes itself when it loses a limb. This reminds us of people’s resiliency to find new and different ways of doing things when faced with a challenge, from having fun to doing important work. 2) Sea stars come in a variety of striking colors and sizes, yet ..are all sea stars. They are.. All the Same Inside.

The sea stars in our logo are physically different from each other. Though they have differences, they are all doing the important work of representing our UD message.

Do you see the curvy line in our logo? It emphasizes the word “abilities” within the word “disabilities.” UD emphasizes all that people with disabilities can do.

Facts About Sea Stars

More Facts About Sea Stars