Plastic jars of colored beads on a table outside at the 2022 Fall Street Faire

Fall Street Faire

Understanding Disabilities’ signature fundraiser takes place at the Reading Fall Street Faire every September. Since 2019, we have raised money with a community raffle highlighting local businesses. Reading elementary schools compete to raise the most, and the winning school also wins a prize.

Green bottle and electric candles on a white tablecloth

Spring Gala

Understanding Disabilities celebrates our partners, supporters, and speakers with a Spring Gala. Galas are an opportunity to gather, reflect, connect, and learn from our featured keynote speaker.

Mandy Harvey singing and playing acoustic guitar onstage in Reading

Community Speakers

In 2010, UD created a speaker series to encourage thoughtfulness in the community in which our children grow and learn. Prior speakers include: (2018) Mandy Harvey (pictured here), a Deaf singer, songwriter and musician; (2014) Jeff Bauman, who was recovering from double amputation resulting from the BostonMarathon bombing; (2012) Dr. Ned Hallowell, who spoke on finding the buried treasure in ADD/ADHD; (2011) Shonda Schilling, who spoke to us about her familys journey with autism; and (2010) Karen Gaffney, who challenges conventional barriers we place on people with Down Syndrome.