Disability Awareness and Inclusion Curriculum in Reading, MA

Giving students the tools to act compassionately and respectfully at school today and in society tomorrow

What Students and Educators Are Saying:

We are proud to have been a partner with Understanding Disabilities for over 30 years and we are working closely with them to continue to provide lessons at our elementary schools around disability awareness and to bring in a speaker for our middle schools.      -Excerpt from Superintendent Dr. John Doherty’s speech at the October 3, 2017 kickoff event of Reading Embraces Diversity, a new community action group aimed at promoting communication and understanding across lines of difference.

Dr. John Doherty

Former Superintendent of Schools, Reading, MA

People with disabilities are just like us. They have dreams and other things just like us.
4th-Grade Student

Birch Meadow Elementary School

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