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Learning About Developmental Disabilities


Babies and children learn and develop skills as they grow. Everyone develops at a different rate, but all children typically learn skills like walking, talking, picking up a spoon, dressing, and playing with others at fairly standard ages. Sometimes though a person’s brain causes them to develop differently. If this creates challenges that will continue through a person’s life, we call this a developmental disability. Some people have mild disability and need minimal help. A small number of people have greater challenges and will need support their whole life. People with developmental disabilities have talents, jobs, friendships, hobbies, roommates, families, and more, just the same as all of us.  ~Understanding Disabilities teaches about developmental disabilities in fourth grade.


sea starDo you think people with developmental disabilities deserve respect when they work hard at their goals?

Everyone deserves respect for working hard at their goals, including people with developmental disabilities. Everyone also deserves to be proud of their accomplishments.