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Learning About Autism Spectrum Disorder


People with autism are the same as everyone else. In some ways though, people with autism act differently. Some people with autism have difficulty making friends. Some have difficulty communicating. Some repeat certain actions or interests. Some people have challenges that are very visible while others have challenges that aren’t very noticeable. There are so many different forms of autism that it is referred to as a spectrum. The term spectrum refers to a wide range. All friends help each other out. You can help your friends who have autism by finding interests you have in common, by inviting them into your activities and play, and by just having fun together.   ~Understanding Disabilities teaches about autism in third grade.


sea star bulletAt UD we say that being different is OKAY. Why do you think being different is OKAY?

There are many reasons why being different is OKAY.   At UD we say that each and every person is important. Each and every person adds value to the group. Our likes, dislikes, and behaviors are part of who we are and how we experience life. They show our personality, and they help make our world interesting.

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