#KeepItTeal for Halloween

Make Halloween safer for children with food allergies. Share #KeepItTeal pumpkin posters and other safety tips from Kids With Food Allergies. Show your community that offering non-food treats is a safer way to celebrate Halloween for trick-or-treaters on special diets.  Visit www.kidswithfoodallergies.org to learn more.

Service Dogs for the Mobility Impaired​

Girl Scout Troop 71274 recently focused their Silver Award community service project on educating the community about the importance of Service Dogs. They partnered with The Service Dog Project of Ipswich who breed and train Great Danes to be service dogs for the mobility impaired. Together, along side the Reading Public Library Troop 71274 set up a program for kids.  To learn about the program, please visit:  http://whatisaservicedog.weebly.com/

Topics of Interest 

Current Activities:


Apr 7     Star Gala

Mar 13   Just Talk About It


Dec 3      Moana Movie Fundraiser

Oct 16     Teal Pumpkin Painting

Sept 11    Jail & Bail 2016​​

Understanding Disabilities depends on donations to meet our budget each year and continue our programming.

2016/17 classes have started! 

We look forward to another great year of disability awareness classes. To volunteer to teach a class or assist in the classroom, please contact us.  

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