Parent volunteers are always welcome at any UD session, so please check the schedule and contact us if you would like to help.

Fun Facts

  • UD presents 150 lessons each year.
  • UD teaches disability awareness lessons every year to every student in grade 1 through 5. 
  • UD provides a speaker program every year to every student in grade 6 through 8.​​
  • Over 250 volunteers will be involved this year, the vast majority will be in the classroom.

 Units include a 90 minute classroom session in each classroom, followed by a 1-hour speaker session.

From mid October until the end of May, Understanding Disabilities has one or more units running in one of the five elementary schools, nearly every week. ​

Please e-mail us at to volunteer to assist in your child's class.

2016/17 Understanding Disabilities Classroom Schedule

Reading Public Schools

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Current Activities:


Apr 7     Star Gala

Mar 13   Just Talk About It


Dec 3      Moana Movie Fundraiser

Oct 16     Teal Pumpkin Painting

Sept 11    Jail & Bail 2016​​

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Understanding Disabilities depends on donations to meet our budget each year and continue our programming.

2016/17 classes have started! 

We look forward to another great year of disability awareness classes. To volunteer to teach a class or assist in the classroom, please contact us.